Ryan’s Blog Debut

The Rating Scale

Here is the overall rating scale – as determined by Ryan and Ryan alone.  There are five categories.  We will total all of the points for a max out of 50 points.  Then there are bonus categories – or as Ryan would say in his salesman lingo, “bonus opportunities.”  We divide by five, for a score on scale from 1 to 10 scale.  And here is the rating scale:

  • Category 1 — Deliciousness (which, according to Ryan is a word, because his phone didn’t underline when he was typing this out originally) — Total Max Points = 20
  • Category 2 — Authenticity — Based on how true the food is to the city the Packers are playing – Total Max Points = 10.
  • Category 3  — Complementary Items — Apparently I am required to cook multiple items to “compliment” everything that I make (as I write this I am glaring at Ryan grrrrr) — Total Max Points = 10
  • Category 4 — Presentation — Total Max Points = 5
  • Category 5 — Quantity — Ryan lacks an ability to cook for himself and needs leftovers – Total Max Points = 5
  • Bonus Categories
    • 3 point bonus if the Packers win
    • 1 point bonus if Murphy likes the food

The Meal Review

First, pictures from dinner

And because no post would be complete without a picture of Murphy, here is one of him (look in the lower left hand corner) hoping someone drops something for him to eat.  Seriously, he loooooves food. Note the outfit change.

Now, Ryan’s Review.

I would like to start this out by saying that Ryan took this very seriously.  He went back and forth on the rating and he showed no mercy in taking off points.  However, at the end Ryan said, “No you worked really hard on that, give yourself an extra quarter point on presentation.”  Hmmmmmm.  He is such a keeper, I am such a lucky girl.  Those quarter  points are worth it.

Anyway, drum roll . . . Ryan gave the meal an overall score of 9.1.  Not bad for my first outing.  We will see what can be accomplished next week. Question is, what should I make?

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One thought on “Ryan’s Blog Debut

  1. Sounds like you have a lot of fun together. I’ll be sure to keep checking in for your latest adventures!

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