Murphy’s Debut

Hello World!!! Mom says there is no Packer game this weekend, which makes me sad because Packer Games mean food, and I LOVE FOOD!!  Well, anyways, Mom sad  that because there was no football, I could post! Woah, this is so exciting.  And mom said she would help me because I have no thumbs.  AWESOME!!  Here I am helping mom type my very first blog:

Ugh, I hate the flash!

Okay, so here I go.  Well, my name is Murphy.  But I also go by dufus, goober, and chunk-of-love.  I don’t know why mom calls me chunk-of-love, but I go with it, because she usually says that and then I get attention.  I love attention.  I am a lap dog, and I am not sure why people think I am not.  I am only 65 pounds, that is lap dog size right?  My favorite things are cuddling, food, sunshine, walks, rolling in the grass, and of course mom and dad.  I do not like squirrels, bunnies, or flies.  I try to catch them, but they always get away. Oh, and I hate the computer.  When mom and dad have to work, they use the computer, and that means no one pays attention to me.

My hobbies are rolling the grass, rolling in the carpet, and taking naps in the sunshine.  Mom and I have been working on learning new tricks.  I am pretty good and sit, stay, and okay at down.  She is teaching me “wait” which is hard because she makes me wait before I can eat, and I love to eat, but I am getting better.  I get a wiggling butt when I have to wait, oh I do love food so much.  Now she is teaching me “touch.”  I am still working on this one and sometimes I get confused.  But my best command ever is “kisses”!!!!!!  I am great at this command, because I love giving kisses!!!

Oh and mom told me I could show you guys my new bow tie.  This is my bow tie for the Badger Games.  Mom and dad may be confused about what NFL team I like, but we all love the Badgers! Go Bucky.

Oh is that food, I smell somehwere . . . .

I even got to go to a badger game once, well kind of.  Mom and dad are silly!

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