Menu Plan -Packers v. Seahawks

I decided to make sushi (by that I mean buy sushi and make dessert sushi), make a latte or some other lovely coffee concoction, and apple pie in a bag per Alyssa’s wonderful recipe.  We may or may not add carmel.  Oh and of course wine, Washington apparently has some nice vineyards.

Dessert sushi? What is that, well there are some wonderful looking pictures on pinterest, but it appears to be fruit roll-ups, rice-crispy treats, and other yummy treats (all things I generally never buy at the grocery store, because I swear in my non-football life I am somewhat healthy).

On a completely unrelated note, Murphy, the usually worthless guard dog, is currently busy defending the house against music. We were watching a show and they played the Lumineers’ song Hey Ho.  Apparently the song is indicative of intruders because Murphy was not a happy camper, and started checking the windows and doors and barking.  Personally, I thought it was a rather uplifting song.

I say that Murphy is usually a worthless guard dog because, well, he is.  He rarely if ever barks if someone comes to the door.  He is usually sleeping when we get home, and, if he is upstairs, you can walk through the whole house and up the stairs and he will just be waking up.  Oh, and he loves people, all people.  If you pet him, you are his best friend.  In Murphy’s mind there are no such thing as intruders.  There are only more possible people to pay attention to him and evil songs.

Murphy, the guard dog . . . . sleeping



Cuddled in the laundry . . .


Still Sleeping . . .


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