Sugar High!

So, I made dessert sushi!  It is pretty much straight sugar.  The directions are pretty simple, and would be fun to make with kids.  But since I am a grown-up (or claim to be), I am not sure that this recipe will go into normal rotation.

Tomorrow, for the game, I plan to buy sushi and make some sort of apple pie (and drink wine), but I cannot go without cooking on Football Sunday, so I decided to travel back to the old days and make chili.  I am calling it throwback weekend.

In the meantime here are the simple instructions for “dessert sushi.”

Step 1 – Make rice krispie treats – I follow the instructions on the cereal box and add a few marshmallows.  Try and make the them as thin as possible.

Step 2 – Cut the rice krispies in squares approximately the size of a fruit – rollup.

Step 3 – Roll! Place the fruit roll-up on the outside, then the rice krispie, then a gummy worm on one end, and roll up with the gummy warm in the middle.  Cut like you would a sushi roll.

Step 4 – Sugar High!!!

And sushi to-go:

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