What Didn’t I Cook Today

Last week I didn’t have time to cook so we ate out a lot.  A lot!  Well, I don’t necessarily like eating out a ton (especially when its fast food and take-out) because it is expensive and not that good for you.

Well, to make up for that, Alyssa came over and we cooked everything one could imagine.  Some of it is for the food and football and some of the rest is just for fun.  Let me see if I can list them all . .

  • Chili
  • Vegetable Minestrone
  • Sweet apple challah bread (we are apparently celebrating the Jewish holiday, but I guess we are a little bit late)
  • Pumpkin scones
  • Apple Pie in a Bag
  • Spiced Pumpkin Lattes
  • Soft Pretzels

Yesterday I made sweet potato apple sauce, which despite its unusual appearance, garnered Alyssa’s approval.  Its made with absolutely no sugar, so it is pretty good for you.

And I discovered the Murphy looooves canned pumpkin.  What a wierdo.

Well, I will post the recipe for the chili later tonight and the food for the Packers v. Seahawks game and some of the rest tomorrow, and Alyssa will be providing a guest post shortly about the beer bacon cupcakes from last week and some of the goodies we made today.  She might be slightly delayed in posting though because Murphy has voted her the best person ever and is now comfortably resting in her lap. He still hasn’t got the memo that he is not a lap dog.

Also, because Ryan is out of town (Ryan don’t worry, Alyssa and I cleaned up the kitchen after we were done cooking so there won’t be a mess when you get home), Adrian (Alyssa’s hubby) will provide the ranking.

And because no post is complete without a picture, here is the furry friend that goes along with Alyssa, the love of Murphy life – Hoggy (real name Mahogany):



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2 thoughts on “What Didn’t I Cook Today

  1. Awww! Murphy isn’t weird, pumpkin is actually good for dogs! It’s a good source of fiber and can help either with constipation or…well…the opposite 🙂 Just don’t give too much at one time unless you plan on having him outside for a while!

    • noodle21 says:

      I figured it had to be better than cheese or peanut butter – but that is good to know! Thanks! I saw a recipe on here somewhere (or maybe it was on Pinterest) for pumpkin dog biscuits. I may have to make some for Murphy.

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