Pretty Little Liar – Packers v. Seahawks Menu

Yup, that’s me, I am the liar.  Although I do prefer the term fibber, or maybe truth improver.

Anways, why am I a liar? Because I “made sushi.”  Well I put it on a plate – if made includes help food makes its way from the take-out container to the plate, well then yes, I made sushi.  I am also a liar, because I may have unilaterally decided that sushi has a connection to Seattle – probably more so than Wisconsin does. So there, I am not a liar, I am an improver of the truth.

Now I know how Ryan survived before we met.  I like to think he was just barely hanging in there until I came along, but I suppose that as long as there is take-out and frozen pizza, single men every where will be just fine.  And don’t get me started on frozen pizza.  Ryan says I do not cook it right, and I say that he most definitely does not cook it right.  If he ever gets me something shiny (that’s his code word for getting engaged), that is one thing I think we will most likely disagree about until we are 80.

Here is my “homemade sushi”

And I did make dessert sushi – that has to count for something!

I did do some cooking that was Seattle/Washingtonish.  Yesterday, Alyssa and I made apple pie in a bag, and I made homemade pumpkin spice latte’s (my ode to Starbucks without the price of Starbucks).   No latte for me tonight though, because otherwise this girl won’t sleep.


About the apple pie in a bag, you cook it in a brown paper bag.  Who knew, not me.  Not sure why I didn’t catch on with the name.  Oh well.  Anyway, I was fairly certain that the bag was going to light on fire in the oven (we have a gas oven), and that we were going to burn down the house.  Nope, pie baked just fine in the bag. Although we did have an almost fire incident (Ryan, I may or may not have neglected to tell you this last night . . . ooops.  But if you are reading this now, everything is fine, no need to worry, have a great trip!).  Anyway, that is a story for another day.  Luckily all are safe and sound.

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