I Reckon Today is Football Sunday

Today’s post is dedicated to Ryan’s new idol, and my current nemesis, Tony Malone.

You see, Tony apparently has the best accent ever, I mean EVER.  Ryan went on a work trip with Tony and now has decided that he must speak like Tony.  So now words like reckon, bush-hogging, and other words I have never heard of have permeated Ryan’s vocabulary.  He has also decided he needs to speak in a Southern accent. (In case you are wondering, Murpy still barks with a Midwest accent.)

Anyway, because Ryan’s new idol is from Southern Mississippi and is a Saints fan and the Packers play the Saints today, I decided to dedicate this blog to the man with the voice, Tony Malone.  Here is hoping that if Tony were here, he would said “I reckon that is some good cooking.”

Without further delay, here is today’s menu . . .

  • Gary’s Gumbo (with a Wisconsin twist – check back later to see what it is)
  • Beignets

Also, Ryan’s review will be posted in his new Southern Voice.


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2 thoughts on “I Reckon Today is Football Sunday

  1. I need to stop looking at recipes for beignets, and just make them. I have never tried them, but constantly drool over pictures of them. What recipe are you using?

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