Starting the Day Off Cooking . . . Ryan Style

Ryan decided to start football Sunday off right . . . with a peanut butter cheeseburger on an English Muffin.  (Yes people, this is what he would seriously cook for himself if it wasn’t for me).   I did not partake in this cholesterol-fest.

He informed me that this is what I am up against today.  And that yes, he says it is as good as it looks – for whatever that is worth.  He is currently pairing his cheeseburger concoction with a glass of Orange Juice.  I seriously question his taste buds and may need to put out an ad for a new food rater.

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2 thoughts on “Starting the Day Off Cooking . . . Ryan Style

  1. benleeirene says:

    This so funny. Enjoyed reading it.

  2. […] I huffed and declined. (2) Sometimes I wonder if he has taste buds – need I remind you of the bacon cheeseburger concoction he called BREAKFAST! (3) He is prejudiced against all foods not containing bacon or gravy.  (4) He makes me do all the […]

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