It’s National Chili Month!!!

According to the internet, at least. And the internet is always right – especially when it comes to food holidays!  p.s. I do not care whether the internet is or is not right about this – IT IS NATIONAL CHILI MONTH!)

Who is pumped about this – this girl!  Why you ask? I love chili.  As some of you know, I even made chili every week for one entire football season!  So, guess, what we are making this month – if you didn’t say chili, we may need to evaluate your deductive reasoning processes.

You want proof that I am pumped about this.  Ryan and I’s anniversary is this month – Halloween in fact (that is another story).  Today I came home, and I said “Honey, guess what month it is!?!?!?!?”  He (feeling like he was being set up about possibly forgetting our anniversary , I am sure) responded tentatively with “Our Anniversary Month???”  To which I responded “Yes, yes, but what else.”  And when he didn’t respond quickly enough I said, “NATIONAL CHILI MONTH.”  (I am not a quiet person if you have not caught on.)

So here is what I am thinking – I need to make every??? category of chili this month!  Eeek!  I feel up to the challenge.  But here is my problem, what are all of the categories of chili  That is where I need help – I know I have to cover the basics  – ground beef, “chunky beef” (as Ryan calls it), white chicken chili . . . .

And I know I have to make chili cheese fries – just for Ryan.  One day he looked at me with this very serious look (this is the look he gets when he is about to say something absolutely ridiculous, yet the “serious” look fools me everytime), and says “Honey, will you make me chili cheese fries for dinner tonight? Its going to be a really long day, and the only thing that will get me through it is your chili cheese fries.”  I know, swooooon.

So, please please please, send me your chili recipes or suggestions.  I NEED to tackle them all this month, well maybe not all, but why not aim for the stars?!?!?

Here is my post from my last chili adventure, as well as a picture to get the rest of you excited about NATIONAL CHILI MONTH!

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3 thoughts on “It’s National Chili Month!!!

  1. Cathe says:

    Man, I love chili too. The category I would add is veggie lovers chili. I just cooked one version tonight actually.

    My normal chili is this one, without the bacon.

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