Recipes CIA Style

This morning I awoke to the following message, “Mom has a recipe for bacon muffins. Call for further details.”  Why do I feel that this is a little cryptic, and that I will be directed to a secret rendezvous point to make an exchange with an undercover operative for said bacon muffin recipe?

That message came from my dad.  Yes my parents text, intermittently.  My mom has even figured out how to text from her ipad, so on any random occasion I will receive a text from her that says “You Go Girl.”  She pretty much always sends the same thing.

In case you are wondering why I am in pursuit of a bacon muffin recipe, my surprise for this week is supposed to be a chili cupcake/muffin of sorts.  I planned to wrap the muffin in bacon, have a layer of corn bread, a scoop of chili and mashed potato “frosting.”  I did a test run on Thursday, and Ryan liked the muffins at first, but then he informed me that they had too much bacon. TO MUCH BACON?!?!?!? I was unaware that such a thing existed.  Oh well, back to the drawing board.  And hopefully there will be no secret undercover style rendezvous to recover this bacon muffin recipe.

Here is how the test run turned out.  Imagine, only half the muffin and the rest chili and mashed potatoes:

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