Monday’s with Murphy – Mr. Magoooooo


Hedo Friends!  Murphy again.  Last week mom bought me a new toy.  I love toys.

My new toy’s name name was Mr. Magoo . . .



At first, I wasn’t not sure how I felt about Mr. Magoo . . .




Then Mr. Magoo and I had a staring contest . . .

But then I decided that I loved Mr. Magoo . .  for five minutes . . . and then Mr. Magoo was no more . . .



Now Mr. Magoo doesn’t squeak anymore, and I don’t know why? Do you think mom will get me a new toy? I love toys, but only for five minutes.




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5 thoughts on “Monday’s with Murphy – Mr. Magoooooo

  1. JenniferVaughn says:

    The picture of the staring contest is so cute! My dogs only like toys for five minutes, too. They love stuffed animals toys and my house is littered with toy squirrel tails and toy rabbit ears.

  2. […] Editor’s Note: As you may recall, Magoo is Murphy’s favorite toy.  However, he only gets a Magoo on limited occasions because he eats Magoo within about thirty […]

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