Ryan’s Meatless Monday Retort

For weeks I have been suggesting to Ryan that we should institute Meatless Monday.  First, I went through the health benefits.  Then, I went through the economical benefits.  He wasn’t buying it, but he didn’t completely write it off.

Well, I think I have his answer.  Yesterday (Monday) he was left to fend for himself for dinner (something that I was not certain he could actually do) and he sent me this picture . . .

That would be ribs (leftovers), mashed potatoes (leftovers), biscuits (leftovers), sausage gravy (leftovers).  No vegetables.

When confronted, he sheepishly said, “But I had potatoes, aren’t those a vegetable?”  Hmmmmmm.  We have a long way to go.

All in all, I think that we learned three things: (1) I have a long way to go before Ryan agrees to Meatless Mondays; (2) Ryan doesn’t know what vegetables are; and  (3) Ryan can fend for himself for dinner . . . as long as there are leftovers.

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8 thoughts on “Ryan’s Meatless Monday Retort

  1. shipleyamye says:

    Me and my hubby just instituted meatless Monday. He was a little under enthused until I told him our first Monday would feature waffles, strawberries and whipped cream. I think he was picturing soy products and lentils.

    • noodle21 says:

      Hmmm, I bet I could win him over with waffles!! I am thinking I should just cook a meatless meal and stop waiting for him to agree. Have you guys found a lot of vegetarian recipes that you like?

      • shipleyamye says:

        We’ve found a lot of recipes we really like. We like to keep things simple. I joked about lentils but we actually use them or beans to replace meat in a lot of our standard faves. We’ll make lentil shepherds pie or bean burritos. Then there are the standards like cream of tomato soup. We also make a mean three bean chilli!

  2. The Economic Vegetarian says:

    LOL! This is hilarious! My BF is also a big meat eater – so much so that he’s trying to “convert” me back to eating meat. Slowly, however, I’ve been noticing more green stuff on his plate when we eat together. Personal win for me was when I got him to try Chinese broccoli! Try the veggie chili recipe I posted. I’m also coming up with The Godfather style tomato and “sausage” pasta.

  3. […] last week Ryan responded to my Meatless Monday suggestion by cooking (ahem, reheating) himself dinner […]

  4. […]  I am unclear what the confusion was, but given his opposition to vegetables – here and here, I guess I should not have been […]

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