Menu Plan – Packers v. Jaguars

Jacksonville was a challenging city to plan for.  It appears that they are known for three things when it comes to food: (1) a sandwich called a Lubi; (2) a sandwich called a “camel rider”; and (3) cherry limemade.

So I identified the food, what is my problem then?

My problem with the limemade is easy enough to understand — I lack the kitchen tools necessary to make limemade.

My problem with the Lubi and the camel rider is less clear.  How hard can it be to make a sandwich?  Well my problem is that I cannot figure out what the sandwiches are made of.  So, we shall see how today turns out.  Wish me luck.

Also, if you happen to know what either of these sandwiches are, please let me know.  There is still time to tweak my menu plan.

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2 thoughts on “Menu Plan – Packers v. Jaguars

  1. Might be considered cheating but you could purchase limeade and then infuse it with cherries? Which at least would be more “cooking” than just buying cherry limeades at Sonic 😉

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