Ryan’s Meatless Monday Retort – Round 2

So, last week Ryan responded to my Meatless Monday suggestion by cooking (ahem, reheating) himself dinner comprised solely of an excessive portion of meat and no vegetables.

This week I was certain that we would make progress.  Over the weekend we discussed making spaghetti squash.  Ryan didn’t  oppose it.  The game plan was to make it for dinner on Monday night.  Yes, Meatless Mondays here we come!!!

So where did I go wrong . . .

Ryan left town.  Turns out he had to work an overnight out of town and neglected to inform me.  I suppose he figured he wouldn’t mind spaghetti squash for Meatless Monday too much if he wasn’t here for it.

So, what did we learn this week: (1) Ryan is open to Meatless Monday as long as he is not here for it; (2) I need to double-check Ryan’s schedule before we discuss menu plans for Meatless Monday; and (3) Ryan still cannot cook for himself, but he can reheat, and when he does, no vegetables will be harmed in said production:

Ryan’s most recent cooking attempts (yes, he has only cooked for himself twice in the last several months) – please notice the lack of green:



Oh, my bad,  Ryan just informed me that he went out to eat yesterday (still cannot cook for himself) and had a cheeseburger and that his cheeseburger had vegetables.  When asked what kind of vegetables he replied: “lettuce, tomato, blue cheese crumbles, and mushrooms.”

Hmmm,  blue cheese crumbles, is it possible Ryan does not know what a vegetable is.  He also wants you all to know that there were grilled onions on the burger – he is totally an herbivore.  Except for the 1/2 pound of meat and blue cheese crumbles in there.

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4 thoughts on “Ryan’s Meatless Monday Retort – Round 2

  1. TJ says:

    I think we live in parallel universes. My hubby was horrified at the thought of meatless Monday. If he cooked for himself, which he never has, his plate would be lacking anything green or colorful too. Brown and white. That would be it.

  2. […]  I am unclear what the confusion was, but given his opposition to vegetables – here and here, I guess I should not have been […]

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