Cinnamon Roll Throwdown

Two weekends ago, we hosted a battle of the cinnamon roll recipes – Paula Deen v. the Neely’s. It was epic.  Or just epic-ly delicious.

I had previously made cinnamon rolls, and I started with Paula Deen’s recipe.

The following week we tried out the Neely’s cinnamon roll recipe.

Both are equally unhealthy for you.

I am ready to declare a winner.  Ryan on the other hand insists he needs to try the Neely’s recipe warmed up.  After the football game he proceeded to eat all of the leftover cinnamon rolls before we headed back, so we didn’t have any leftovers to take home and heat up.  Boys.

Anyways, stay tuned because in the near future (probably tomorrow) we will hold an office cinnamon roll cook-off.

Here is a picture of the cinnamon rolls – Nelly’s style:

And, Paula Deen’s:

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4 thoughts on “Cinnamon Roll Throwdown

  1. Looking forward to hearing about the results of the cook-off!

  2. cindy knoke says:

    Nelly’s looks so much better?

    • noodle21 says:

      They get my vote, but Ryan said he is withholding his vote until the tries them fresh out of the oven. I think he just wanted an excuse for why I had to make cinnamon rolls again.

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