Bye Week = Opposite Day

Does anyone remember opposite day from when they were younger – where you would answer every question with the opposite of the correct answer?  I remember my brother and sister being big fans of opposite day.  Ahhhh the tortures of being a middle child.

Well, with the Packers having a bye this week, I feel like we have been thrown into a week long opposite day.  No cooking and no blogging. As proof that this is in fact happening I came home today to a house that smelled like cinnamon and fresh baked cookies.  The only problem was that I had no been home all day to make said cookies and Murphy doesn’t have thumbs nor is he allowed to operate the oven.  So who made the cookies??????

Ryan did!!!!

I know, I am amazed too.  I never thought it would happen.  The boy does cook let alone bake.

Well, don’t be too impressed.  It turns out that he had frozen cookie dough that his mom gave him, and all he did was put a little extra sugar (as if cookies need more sugar) and cinnamon on the tops of the frozen dough and throw it into the oven.

Now he is making me dinner . . . seriously, my whole world is turning upside down at this point . . . oh wait, its frozen pizza.

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