Baked Rigatoni – Nutritional Information

For New Year’s Eve, I made Baked Rigatoni, and I attempted to make it on the healthy side.

Here is the basic nutritional information (assuming 16 servings), so you can judge for yourself.  Next time, I think I will make all Chicken Meatballs instead of Chicken and Pork, leave the sausage out of the sauce, add more peppers, and mix in some fresh spinach.  I may be pushing my luck with Ryan and his dislike of vegetables, but I think he can handle it.


Per Serving

  • Calories = 482
  • Carbs = 38
  • Fat = 23
  • Protein = 30


I thought the serving size was more than enough, especially because we served it with a vegetable.  Also, we use full-fat products (so, no reduced fat cheese).  For some reason, it works out better for us to eat smaller servings of the full fat products and larger servings of reduce fat – to each their own.  Also, I do not love whole wheat pasta – but I am thinking about trying this as a mix of either whole wheat pasta and regular or spinach pasta and regular.  We shall see.  The glory of any good recipe is that it can always be tweaked.

And a picture for good measure



Yummmy!!! Ryan's newest favorite recipe - Baked Rigatoni!

Yummmy!!! Ryan’s newest favorite recipe – Baked Rigatoni!


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2 thoughts on “Baked Rigatoni – Nutritional Information

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    That looks really, really tasty.

  2. aiaimi says:

    Wow, that has made me really hungry!! Thank you for sharing x

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