Mondays with Murphy – Evil Stuffie

Magoo, Murphy, Stuffie Face Off!!

Magoo, Murphy, Stuffie Face Off!!

Friends, I must tell you, Stuffie is evil.  Pure evil.  But not as evil as Dad.  You know why? Stuffie stole my New Year’s Eve Magoo and tried to eat him.  AND DAD LET HIM!!!

Stuffie Stole Magoo!!!!!

    Stuffie Stole Magoo!!!!! So Sad!!!!!

** Editor’s Note: As you may recall, Magoo is Murphy’s favorite toy.  However, he only gets a Magoo on limited occasions because he eats Magoo within about thirty maybe forty seconds.  He actually has a new technique where he rips pieces of Magoo off and places them in a neat little pile.  It makes for efficient clean-up.  I knew he was a wonder dog.

Well, for New Year’s Eve, we got Murphy a New Year’s Eve Magoo – or a Naaaaaago000o if your name is Ryan and you insist on being he weirdest person this side of the circus.  Also, don’t worry,  after the pictures were taken we gave Murphy Magoo, and he gleefully destroyed him in minutes.  No Murphys were harmed in the making of this blog post, only a Magoo.


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2 thoughts on “Mondays with Murphy – Evil Stuffie

  1. Jennifer Vaughn says:

    I’m surprised Murphy hasn’t shredded Stuffie yet. 😉

    I’ve nominated you for a blogging award! Thanks for all the great recipes and, of course, Mondays with Murphy!

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