Identity Crisis

As I nestled in bed last night, I floated off to sleep with one happy thought in my mind  . . . . I have a boyfriend again.  That evil *itch, football, has finally relinquished her control.

However, when I awoke I realized that all was not well.  For one, I don’t have a boyfriend, I have a fiance.  That is such a funny word.  You know what is also a funny word – esposa.  It is Spanish for both wife and handcuff.  A fun fact that I occasionally remind Ryan of.  To be fair, on our first date he told me that he had a Free Bird tattoo to remind him to never be tied down.

Back to the point.  The other problem was that Ryan came home from man-weekend and turned on . . . football.  What??? I thought with the Packers out, we would do other things on Sunday, like anything, other than watching football.  I mean Fantasty Football is even over (I think, I honestly  I don’t know – I often find it better not to ask about football related items, because it is mistaken for actual interest and well, that never ends well).  This part I can survive, we will eventually get to the end of the football season.  I am just un-fianced (as opposed to un-boyfriended) for a little while longer.

But this brings me to a bigger problem – what to do with my blog.  It is in fact entitled tuesdaynightboyfriend and centers around cooking food for football games.  I no longer have a boyfriend and soon there will be no more football games.  What is a girl to do?  More importantly, what is Murphy to do?

I suppose we will continue to blog – mostly about food and Murphy (and all the questionable things Ryan says, he is a man after all). Hopefully you will continue to read.

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2 thoughts on “Identity Crisis

  1. Jennifer Vaughn says:

    Food, pets, guys. Hey, some blogs out there are only using one of these things. You’ve got all three. I for one will be reading!

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