Mondays with Murphy – Party Trick Time

Hedooo!  Murphy again! Today I want to show you all one of my favorite tricks – it is called big dog, small laundry basket.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Positive attitude, as evidenced by a BIG smile



Step 3: Look adorable/pathetic (key word pathetic)



Step 3: Tuck in nose to ensure nose stays warm



p.s. You may be wondering why my mom has never posted any pictures of me in the snow.  Well, don’t hold your breath.  These paws do not like the snow.  I am a summer dog, and this snow/ice thing is not cool.  In fact, this past weekend, I put one paw outside and was rudely snowed on so I went right back inside.

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3 thoughts on “Mondays with Murphy – Party Trick Time

  1. PigLove says:

    Hey Murphy. It’s so nice to meet you. Love those gorgeous eyes of yours. I like to wallow and lay in my towels when they are fresh out of the dryer. You’re my kind of doggy friend. I hate the cold snow as well. Hope to read more about you my new friend. XOXO – Bacon

  2. The Warrior says:

    Were these fresh out the dryer or going into to the washer?

    • noodle21 says:

      Fresh out of the dryer I believe. Murphy will lay on anything if it is soft. And more so if it is soft and warm. Despite his size he is a big baby when it comes to being cold, so that is why he likes the laundry basket.

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