In Sickness And In Health, But Not in Cough

Without the prospect of a football game this weekend (at least a football game that will require me to make a themed meal, as Ryan has assured me that there are still football games on TV and that we will still be watching them), I am left at a loss as to what to blog about (besides Murphy of course).



I suppose I can blog about wedding planning.  I could also blog about my obsession with the wedding budget (I know, its weird, but one of my favorite wedding planning activities thus far has been creating and maintaining the budget.  Some people really know how to live – I am not one of them.)  I have a feeling the blogosphere does not share my fascination with budgets, so I will pass on that front.


In other news, we have been meeting with a priest to go over some of the initial planning.  During the process, I was reminded of the vows we will eventually have to make.  In particular, “in sickness and in health.”

Why was I reminded of this you ask? Because I have been sick for the last month or so.  Nothing huge, just a head cold.  Anyway, during one of my coughing spurts, Ryan looked at me, with a serious expression and said, “Your cough is really annoying.”  I retorted, so much for our vows being “in sickness and in health.”  He then offered to make me a cup of tea with honey.

I have a feeling that our vows may be amended to “in sickness and in health, but I reserve the right to tell you that you are being an annoying sick person.”  (I should mention that I am rather pathetic when I am sick, and by rather pathetic, I mean extremely pathetic).  Murphy just stared at me wondering why I was making such a ruckus and not paying attention to him/giving him a treat.  Boys, you can’t live with them, you cannot live without them.


I should also add that Murphy’s typical way of handling my coughing is to lay on my chest and lick my chin while I am coughing.  I think he is trying to comfort me the only way he knows how, but having a sixty-five pound dog lay on your chest when you are coughing is not exactly helpful.

The moral of the story is that my boys mean well.  But then tonight Ryan brought me clear soda (another thing I need when I am sick) without my even asking.  Maybe the moral of the story is that with training there is hope :).





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3 thoughts on “In Sickness And In Health, But Not in Cough

  1. Jennifer Vaughn says:

    As pathetic as most guys are when they are sick, you would think they would have more pity on us when we get sick. No such luck. (Although that was awfully sweet of Ryan to get you the beverages. Maybe there is hope!) I’ve been kicked out of the bedroom and almost the apartment for coughing because Hubby “had to get his sleep.” I think one of the biggest secrets to our marriage has been the introduction of earplugs. 😉

    • noodle21 says:

      Hahaha. I would be curious to see if we receive ear plugs as a wedding present from anyone (hopefully as a joke). I have yet to be banished, but I am sure that it is forthcoming.

  2. jaclynmariet says:

    If you like wedding budgets, surely you are familiar with I’ve been married for 7 months and I still like to get on their and look at their advice and ideas…it’s interesting.

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