Wedding Debate – To Duet or Not to Duet

Newsflash – Ryan and I will be singing a duet at the wedding.  Or not.

Actually, what I am talking about is serving a “duet” for dinner.  Instead of giving people only one option, or asking people to RSVP with their menu choice, I am considering serving everyone chicken and beef on one plate – something that is apparently referred to as a “duet.”

Who knew there was all of this random wedding terminology. Speaking of random terminology, I was recently introduced to a bubble veil and my Dad asked me this morning if I intended to wear a buster (he meant a blusher).  If you are curious, I intend to wear neither.  The bubble veil reminds me of a funny cardigan that starts at your head instead of your shoulders, and   I am obsessed with getting a birdcage, so that means no blusher.

Okay, back to the point. I need to decide what to serve people.  I am opposed to asking people to respond with their choice, because then I have to keep track of it, and make individual namecards denoting people’s choices.  But I do want to offer choices.  So, I suggested a duet.  Ryan is not sold. So, blogosphere, I ask, to duet or not to duet ?  That is the question.


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2 thoughts on “Wedding Debate – To Duet or Not to Duet

  1. Srjkjj says:

    Duet, love Dad. ps did think she said buster.

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  2. LJ Esquire says:

    DO NOT DUET. This is the worst option and makes me think of dining at a convention. Could you just serve everyone beef and then have a non-reservation required vegetarian option for those that won’t eat it? LJ Esquire.

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