Monday’s with Murphy – What is this Thing Called Memory?

Murphy again.  Sorry I didn’t post last week.  Mom had this thing called “work.”  I don’t know much about it, but I do not like it.  Since I don’t have thumbs, I cannot post without her help.

Anyway, Mom has been telling people lately that I have no short term memory. I don’t even know what this memory thing is.  But when she says it she usually laughs and then hugs me or gives me a head scratch so it must be a good thing.

This all started with my begging, er asking, to go outside.  I spend a lot of time looking out the side door, or side window. or front window, or front door (whatever, I can look outside) longingly.  Mom laughs at me, because I always just went outside.  She says it is even funnier in winter because I hate the cold and the snow, but I still stare out the door until mom lets me out.  As soon as I go outside and remember that it is cold and wet and icky, I beg (definitely beg this time) to go back inside.  About twenty minutes later, we repeat.  I didn’t know this was a memory thing.  I think it is just a wishful thinking thing.  Who knows, it could all of a sudden be summer out there.

The other day she started laughing at me again – why is Mom always laughing at me?  I think it has to do with the treats.  You see, I only get treats when I go in my crate or when I am working on my tricks.  Well as soon as Dad gets the treat out, this is what happens:

  • Murphy – First ten seconds: “Rawhide! Rawhide! Wohooo!!! Yes, Best Day Ever!!!” And then I start running to my crate because that is where I get my treats.
  • Murphy – Second ten seconds: “Awesome! Am I really getting a treat!! Could this day get any better!!” Run faster to the crate.
  • Murphy – Third ten seconds: “Sh**t, crate.  I only get treats in my crate.  That means the people are leaving.  How did this happen again???”  Begin tentative pause outside of crate.
  • Murphy – Fourth ten seconds: “Oh well, I really want that Rawhide.” Enter crate.

Its not my fault I have no memory. Memory is for humans.  All I need is cuteness.  Or at least that is what Mom says!


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One thought on “Monday’s with Murphy – What is this Thing Called Memory?

  1. Too funy! My dogs are just like that.

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