It’s My Birfday!!

Murphy here!

It’s my birfday!!  I am six today, so today is my golden birfday.

Mom says she is going to make me cakes!! I love cakes!!


Mom says that I can go to to the doggie mall and pick new toy!!! I love toys – especially the Magooooooo toys, I wonder if they make Birthday Magoooos?!?!?!  Mom is trying to convince Dad that I need a Burley so that I can go for bike rides with them.  I think I would really like it. Dad isn’t sure.  I think he is worried that I will be too heavy to pull around.  I am not sure why,  I am a lap dog so I am pretty small — like five pounds or something.

See, soooo small that I fit in the laundry basket . . .


Mom and Dad said they would take me for  a w.a.l.k.  I think that means that I am going for a walk, but I am not sure because I am only six, so I am just learning to spell.  For now I am going to take a nap, because I need to rest up for my big day.


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2 thoughts on “It’s My Birfday!!

  1. Happy Birthday, Murphy! May all your wishes be fulfilled!

  2. Have a good one Murphy !

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