Birfday Breakfast and a Food Review

What are those, Dad? Are there cakes on that plate?!?!?!  Let me take a look!!!


Yummmmmmmmmmyyyyyy!!  Sausage too!!!! No way, this is the best birfday ever!!!!

Must move cakes out of the way so I can get the sausages!!! Love sausages!!!!



Okay, now it is time to polish off the cakes!!



**Murphy’s Mom here.  Murphy is napping now.  Too much breakfast excitement for him I suppose.  With breakfast we had Johnsonville’s Pork and Chicken Sausage instead of traditional breakfast sausage.  Both Ryan and I really liked the Pork and Chicken Sasuage.  It wasn’t as fatty as typical breakfast sausage, but still had a lot of flavor.


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2 thoughts on “Birfday Breakfast and a Food Review

  1. yotnours says:

    Haha that’s such a nice thing to do !! and such a cute bow !! Happy Birthday =D

  2. Wow — Murphy’s a lucky pooch! My grandma always does a hamburger patty as a cake for her dogs. We have also been known to sing to them…It’s usually pretty entertaining. =)

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