Packers v. Browns Menu Ideas

I apologize in advance to anyone who is from Cleveland or who loves Cleveland, but when I realized the Packers were playing the Cleveland Browns this weekend, I was a little disappointed.  I mean, what types of food can Cleveland really be known for? I knew this one was going to take some research.

Except it didn’t.

The first article I came across, entitled “100 Things that Make Cleveland the Best,” had tons of options for great food – more importantly great football food.  Who knew?? Clearly, not me.

Apparently, Cleveland has tons of farmers markets, is well known for ribs, chili, chili and ribs (who knew that was a combination on its own), pierogis, ice cream,  and Italian food.  Seriously, who knew???

At first I was tempted to make Italian Food, because we learned (well I learned, Ryan kind of learned)  to make homemade pasta while we were on our honeymoon.  Ryan and I took a cooking class while we were in Florence.  We were so jet lagged we slept through the start of our class, and had to wander around the local market in an attempt to find our group.  Luckily we did find them!!!

Ryan actually signed us up for this trip – he called it an investment in our future.  Well, little did he knew that he would be required to cook as well!!!!  Revenge is sweet!!  We made homemade pasta, ravioli, bolognese, and tiramisu.  All of the food was delicious, but I would say that my favorite part was watching Ryan cook!!!  He has not as inept as I have led you all to believe, but I still think that I will remain the primary chef in this house.

Look at that chef potential:




How does this all connect to Cleveland you ask? I swear that it does.  And I am getting to that point now.

Well, apparently married men take hints so much better than engaged men.  Remember how I so subtly hinted that I needed an electric knife?  Well guess what I got for sweetest day?  Yes, an electric knife, but I also got a pasta making attachment for my stand mixer!!!!  Sweet!!!  And guess what, Ryan passed up buying himself shoes to buy me a sweetest day present.  Now that is love!!!

And no I did not get Ryan a sweetest day present? Why? Because Murphy forgot to tell me that today is sweetest day.  Hahaha, just kidding. I am making him a fantastic dinner today, so maybe that will make up for it.

So, back to dinner.  I decided against Italian food, because I am saving that for a different game.  Instead, I am making a combination of ribs, chili, and pierogis!!!  You will have to check back in to see how it turns out.  Oh, and Ana, the worst rater in tuesdaynightboyfriend history, has been invited back to judge.  Wish me luck!!!

p.s. Ryan wants you all to know that he know has an Italian cooking certification, but he says that the certification only qualifies him to be judge food, not cook.   Another thing I have learned about married men — they are just as fully of bullsh*t as engaged men.

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