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Can You Eat Healthy** on a Budget**?

So you probably noticed a few things about the title of this blog that are a little out of the ordinary.  The first being that it isn’t all about Murphy.  He is currently otherwise engaged tearing apart the remnants of his baby dino toy, so he is too busy to blog.  Stay tuned, and I promise he will return to the regularly scheduled programming.

The second thing is probably the asterisks in the title and the overall theme.  Let me explain.

The asterisks:

  • Healthy  – I generally mean avoiding processed foods.    We are not gluten/lactose free, and I don’t have the ability to make  recipes that require a thousand healthy substitutions.  Besides Ryan is a meat and potatoes boy at heart.  Hence why all attempts at introducing Meatless Monday have so stunningly failed.
  • Budget – We have a grocery/household expense budget (about $60-70/week), but it is not strictly enforced. Ryan and I both work full time, and he has limited patience for shopping, so we do not play the “drugstore game,” and I only go to one grocery store, and I only go once a week.  I also do not use online coupons because I can never get the printer to work.

I know that this is different than my usual topics, but I thought I would give it a try to see if others think it is possible and whether others have suggestions for healthy eating on a budget.

A little over a year ago, I started couponing. After some misadventures, I think I finally have a couponing plan that works for us.  (No we are not extreme couponers, and I do not have a stockpile).  About the same time, Ryan and I started on a health-kick.   These two new initiatives didn’t really go hand-in-hand, but over time we have worked out a strategy that works for us.  I thought I talk about some of my couponing habits, the healthy and “cheapish” recipes we like, and see if any of you had  additional suggestions.


***More asterisks ***

I know you are worried about the asterisks, no need to be.  Just a heads up, that the regular programming will be returning in the near future as well.  Now that the Packer schedule is released, Ryan and I will be working on a menu for the season.  We will be looking for menu suggestions in the next few weeks, so please leave suggestions with “Football City” foods and recipes.

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