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Love Notes From Murphy – Father’s Day


Dear Dad,

You are the best.

Definitely better than the rest.

I really do think you are great.

But would it kill you to give me more treats?!?!

I like it when you take me for a walk.

You are really great at listening to mom when she needs to talk.

Thank you for feeding me and buying me toys.

If you buy me even more, I’ll promise to be a good boy.



You are the best dad . . .

. . . I could ever have.


p.s. poems are hard.



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Identity Crisis

As I nestled in bed last night, I floated off to sleep with one happy thought in my mind  . . . . I have a boyfriend again.  That evil *itch, football, has finally relinquished her control.

However, when I awoke I realized that all was not well.  For one, I don’t have a boyfriend, I have a fiance.  That is such a funny word.  You know what is also a funny word – esposa.  It is Spanish for both wife and handcuff.  A fun fact that I occasionally remind Ryan of.  To be fair, on our first date he told me that he had a Free Bird tattoo to remind him to never be tied down.

Back to the point.  The other problem was that Ryan came home from man-weekend and turned on . . . football.  What??? I thought with the Packers out, we would do other things on Sunday, like anything, other than watching football.  I mean Fantasty Football is even over (I think, I honestly  I don’t know – I often find it better not to ask about football related items, because it is mistaken for actual interest and well, that never ends well).  This part I can survive, we will eventually get to the end of the football season.  I am just un-fianced (as opposed to un-boyfriended) for a little while longer.

But this brings me to a bigger problem – what to do with my blog.  It is in fact entitled tuesdaynightboyfriend and centers around cooking food for football games.  I no longer have a boyfriend and soon there will be no more football games.  What is a girl to do?  More importantly, what is Murphy to do?

I suppose we will continue to blog – mostly about food and Murphy (and all the questionable things Ryan says, he is a man after all). Hopefully you will continue to read.

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